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A feasibility study establishes the foundation for a successful fund raising effort while alerting the community that a campaign is being contemplated. Confidential interviews with business leaders, foundation executives, board members, civic leaders and government officials provide valuable information to our clients to help formulate strategy and positioning, to determine potential sources of funds, and to locate respected, effective leadership for upcoming campaigns.


Interviews will pre-sell community leaders on the value of their financial and leadership support in addition to gathering opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its programs, potential contributors and expected levels of support, and campaign timing as it relates to other area fund raising efforts. We compile and analyze the interview data and make recommendations regarding the goal, leadership, campaign strategy, timing, and key issues that must be addressed before launching the campaign.

Campaign management and fundraising counsel  Successful fundraising campaigns are the result of committed volunteers making their own pledges and getting contributions from their peers. It sounds simple enough. Securing affirmative responses is the challenge. Our experience and guidance in the "art of the ask" will equip your volunteers with the background information and the confidence to cultivate their prospects and make the best case possible for a donation.

Some of the critical steps that lead to this interaction include setting an attainable goal, enlisting the right leadership, identifying prospects and pairing them with the appropriate volunteers, communicating your story compellingly, and putting an organization in place that will complete the project in a timely manner.

Perhaps your organization doesn’t need a formal campaign structure. You may already have a fully-staffed development office, or your fundraising goal may not justify full-service campaign management.

We can tailor our services to provide only the amount of time and counsel that you need. It could be as little as one or two days per month. This is a cost-effective way to get a fresh perspective as well as expert advice to help achieve your organization’s development goals.

Organizational and development assessment  The Winslow Group can examine your current administrative, leadership and development operation, including staff configuration, systems, Board direction, and general fundraising apparatus. 


Site visits and confidential interviews of staff and Board members provide clues to areas of need that might not be readily apparent to those who are close to the situation. Unbiased observation and analysis of your operations can enhance your organization’s funding potential and help you reach your institutional goals.

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